Hong Kong _ Urban Intervention
The Site_Growth Scenarios
Hei Ling Chau(Island of Happy Healing) _ Masterplan
Flows of Movement
Urban Cluster
Growth & Urban Rules
Urban Vocabulary
A Constant Journey

The mode of operation of the discipline is based in an alocation of individuals in space and a TIME distribution in SPACE. The proposed design uses the language of an architecture of time. The basic aim is the experience of life as if the prison was a journey, experiental and referiantal. Experiental as the user is sensing the instantand referiental because this present experience is referred to previous or future ones, thus bringing together different moments in time. The design should help in building confidence, self-awareness, trust, co-operation, respect vital capacities when it comes to reforming attidutes and behaviour.

The Levels

After a certain period of time in a prison’s level, the inmates can ‘penetrate’ to the next one and continue the ‘journey’. This implies an analytic space and the necessity of observation, review and assessment mechanisms which demand in their turn different degrees of visibility, transparency.

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